Monday, 1 March 2010


London Fashion Week arrives. A Much anticipated event that leaves its mark on the office workers to the party girls, London Fashion Week offers us the best in that aspirational world of cool, style and glamour.
It is not for the feint hearted however. We see the fashion elite stride through Somerset House with an elegance that most young girls longed for when practicing that 'walk' in Mum's oversized stilettos.
Its a world away, but I'm here witnessing the bubble that consumes Fashion mags from Vogue to the glanced at supplement of the sunday telegraph. The notebooks, cameras and sunglasses amongst the hustle and bustle of enviable taste. Coffees and cigarettes in constant supply. The occasional faces of wildly dressed women and men glance up from steamy coffee cups with projectile voices used to being noticed, learned in how to raise yourself out of the crowd.
The BFC show space is packed. Beautiful people gleefully knocking back Chambord with the likes of Christopher Biggins fraternising with a 6'2 man wearing mainly coconuts. Its surreal and fantastic and yet all about its accessibility and relation to the everyday. Though many seem relieved to have escaped the rain and be in the shelter, for some the experience is more than apparent in the joyous mingling and happy chatting that fills the room.
Welcome to Fashion Week, here is Autumn/Winter 2010.